The Ice Cream Parlor and the Hostel.
Since the creation of Gelateria Colonial in 1948, we have offered in the Colònia de Sant Jordi our ice creams, with numerous flavors and sensations.
Our establishment is highly recognized throughout the Balearic Islands and even pages such as TripAdvisor place it among the 16 best ice cream parlors in Spain according to a ranking made by the Huffington Post.
But in addition to the ice cream parlor, the Aceituno Vidal family is also in charge of the Hostal Colonial, which has 28 tourist places in total, both double and single, as well as vacation apartments. The establishment has a buffet made mostly with products that we collect in our own garden.
All kinds of artisanal and natural ice creams
At Gelateria Colonial we stand out and distinguished ourselves from other establishments for having the intention of covering all audiences. We make artisanal and ecological ice creams, but we are also putting a lot of effort into making vegan, sugar-free and lactose-free ice creams made from rice milk.
«When we make ice cream, we look for the maximum flavor, the best creaminess and the best possible taste. What you ask for is what you eat. If you order a pistachio ice cream, you will feel that you are really eating and savoring pistachio»
If you ask him about the key to the success of his ice creams, Joan Aceituno Vidal explains that he places a lot of emphasis on the treatment of product creation: « The quality of the raw material used to make the ice cream is very important. In addition, taking care of its manufacturing process by pampering all aspects of pasteurization, maturation, and butter, and when it is finished, use the shortest time possible so that the ice cream reaches -18, which is its storage temperature, is essential. Before this was not possible, but now we have the necessary technology to make the ice cream come out much more creamy and to achieve the necessary temperature very quickly. This way, the ice cream comes out much better. The basic difference between a traditional and industrial ice cream parlor is the amount of air that is incorporated into the ice cream. When you put a spoon of the artisan ice cream it is savored in the mouth and the industrial is enjoyed it disappears more quickly, it simply has more air”, he explains.